Portable Physiotherapy Device

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We sell TENS DEVICE,It is a physiotherapy device which helps to relief almost any kind of pain. It uses a low volt (3.7v) electrical pulse which stimulates your nerves underneath of your muscles in order to relieve pain . The electrical pulses thus helps the body to produce a high level of natural pain killers called ENDORPHINS which blocks the perception of pain. It is a very small and portable device, enabling you to basically take it where ever you wish to take it along with.The good thing about it is that it is rechargeable like your cell phone so basically its like you have your own physiotherapist in your pocket and it comes with acupuncture chart which guides the different pressure points of the body, it also comes with accessories like reflexology slippers and a massage belt for large area like lower back,joints or anywhere else you can allocate it around the body.Additional to that you get a pair of 2 sets of pads in the package. This device can easily help you with :

•Sore Muscles

•Lower Back Pain

•Knees / Any Joint Pain


•Arthritis in your joint

•Neck Stiffness

•Shoulder Pain

•Strengthening your muscles 



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